lake keowee

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(From "Field of Dreams")

Bruce May began living his dream June 1, 2002, when he relocated his family from Cincinnati, Ohio, to the lakes and mountains of South Carolina. Bruce had spent 16 years with Procter & Gamble in sales and marketing, the first 10 years based in Toronto, Canada, and the last 6 years in Cincinnati.

A native of Canada, Bruce will share with all that are interested an amazing story of following and living your dream. As early as the age of 8 years old, Bruce has had a recurring dream about living and working somewhere on a lake in the mountains. If you're familiar with the mountains of Canada (wonderful holiday destination by the way).

if there are mountains there is NOT going to be a lake that you can swim in! Bruce knew Lake Keowee was the place of his dreams when in September of 1996 while on business for P&G, he had the opportunity to go out on a boat with a business colleague. When the colleague suggested they jump in for a swim, Bruce said, "are you crazy, it's September 28 th and the water is going to be freezing!" When he jumped in the water, it was crystal clear like the lakes he remembered from northern Ontario. But unlike those lakes, the temperature was comfortably warm. As he swam on his back and looked at the Blue Ridge Mountains, he knew that Lake Keowee was the place to build his business and raise his family. At that time, he began investing in lakefront and upscale golf community property (Cliffs Communities/Reynolds Plantation) knowing that someday he would leave Big Business to pursue his dream. It took two significant events in 2001 to shake him loose and move his family to South Carolina. One was the tragic death of one of his employees and the second was September 11, 2001. Those events underscored the importance of living now and to pursue one's life passion.

Less you think Bruce has a nice story but no substance, his lifetime of top business results speaks otherwise. Importantly, he delivers those results with integrity and loyalty from all those who have worked with him and for him.

"Out of all of the managers I've worked for in this company you're still #1 in my had the best balance of energy, commitment, big picture thinking, and common sense"

Win Sakdinan

Manager - P&G Public Affairs - Canada

"You are an endangered species, not just at Procter, but in this world. You have the rare combination of fire in the belly and business smarts to get things done"

Eric Christianson Brand

Manager - P&G

"I am thankful to God that he has allowed me the chance to know and work with someone like you. You should know that I have become a better salesman and person because of the time we have worked together"

Scott Palmer

20-year Sales professional - P&G Cincinnati

Bruce's wife, Lisa, and their two children, Max (3 years old) and Jessine (18 months) enjoy the parks, weather, and kind people that this area has to offer. If you have the opportunity to live anywhere in North America, pick up the phone and call Bruce. He will be happy to share the treasures of this area with you.

You can visit Bruce's Exclusive listings site here.